Refresh Your Dive Skills – Non-PADI Divers

Due to the current CoronaVirus-19 event, no training can be offered at this time.

However please contact us if you have an enquiry so we can assist you when training can restart.

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I’m not a PADI qualified diver – how does the PADI Scuba Tune-Up Program work?

After signing up to your course, this is the schedule we follow:

  • We confirm date and time for your pool session, ensuring you have enough time to complete the online theory session
  • We ask you to complete the Dive Medical questionnaire, to evaluate if a dive doctor needs to check you out prior to undergoing any training/supervision programs. If you are in need of this, we can provide a list of doctors certified in diving/hyperbaric medicine who are qualified to conduct this (Generally, this is not something your GP can complete)
  • You are assigned your personal PADI Scuba Tune-Up online program by email.
    • Once you access this, you can complete the program offline, making your way through the theory concepts introduced during your learn to dive program, to refresh your knowledge of ideals and safety.
    • Once complete, you receive a PDF certificate that we ask you to email to us. Please be advised – we ask this is completed prior to your pool session for your own safety and knowledge.
  • We meet at our nominated pool, where your instructor will have tanks & weights available for your use. If you have additional equipment needs, you will need to organise this. If needed, we can assist with this process.
  • Please be sure to bring along your safety sausage/SMB for use in the pool.
  • At the pool we will be reviewing/refreshing the below skills:
    • Equipment safety checks
    • Safe Assembly,  disassembly & post dive care
    • Buddy interview & equipment familiarisation
    • Buddy Checks – sadly it seems these days these are not regularly done, and this can lead to confusion and discomfort underwater.
    • Local Entry techniques
    • Proper weighting & checks
    • Buoyancy skills, including safe ascent techniques and underwater trim
    • Mask floods & comfort
    • Regulator skills & comfort
    • Air Emergency scenarios
    • Underwater communications
    • Local dive protocols, etiquette & legislation
  • Once complete, your instructor will sign your logbook as proof of completion.


  • Qualification as a certified diver (a copy of your certification is required)
  • 4005.1 Dive Medical (if required)
  • Full Scuba Equipment – apart from tanks & weights –  please also bring along your Safety Sausage/SMB (see note below)
  • Note: If you do have equipment hire needs – Go Dive Servicing & Boat Charters can provide this – you will need to organize this separately.

Does this sound like the kind of training you are interested in?

Please contact Di at to check instructor availability


As per the QLD Code of Practice, each diver should be carrying each of these on every dive. Most, if not all dive companies require divers to have these or will not allow divers on organised dive trips, to comply with this Code.

  • Visual Alert (eg. SMB)
  • Audible Alert (eg. Whistle)
  • Cutting Tool (eg. Knife)
  • Snorkel