Refresh Your Scuba Skills

Scuba Refresher

We know it happens. A change in circumstances keeps you away from regular diving for a protracted period of time, despite your desire, its been a long time since your last dive.

Here in Queensland the dive industry is shaped by regulations from many corners.

The most common that you might run into is the requirement to stay a current experienced diver, relative to your skills and experience. To accompany a trip, a diver needs to show evidence (your logbook) of recent diving history – so don’t forget to take this along on all your dives, having your buddy sign and the dive company to stamp it – not only for proof – but what a great way of recollecting your dives. Treat it like a passport – that is precisely what it is!

Around Brisbane you will mostly find the gauge of experience/time out of the water as below:

Logged Dives  //  Time allowed between dives before a ‘refresher’ is required

4 – 9 Dives  //  6 Months Absence

9 – 24 Dives  //  12 Months Absence

Over 25 Dives  //  Over 24 months         

Of course, it doesn’t have to have been a long time since your last dive – you may just feel rusty and want to shine up your skills!

Refresher programs have two main types Pool Based or Ocean Based. We run a pool-based private program, with maximum one diver or a buddy pair at a time. This ensures you have full assistance & supervision, at a time that is suitable to you, rather that adhering to a concrete, inflexible schedule.

For PADI qualified Divers – CLICK HERE

For agencies aside from PADI (NAUI/SSI/NASDS/SDI etc) – CLICK HERE


Rescue Refresher

After completing the PADI Rescue Diver program, the best scenario is for you never have to use it! However if you would like to brush up your skills, you are welcome to join a Rescue course to participate in the practical skills session in the pool, or pool & ocean sessions. Minimum numbers do apply for students and maximum numbers for refreshers.