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Due to the current CoronaVirus-19 event, no training can be offered at this time.

However please contact us if you have an enquiry so we can assist you when training can restart.

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PADI stands for the

Professional Association of Dive Instructors.

A scuba diving training agency I can proudly state I have been a part of for over 20 years.

Gaining my Divemasters and Instructors certification in 1997, I have since had the pleasure of diving and working on many vessels, retail stores, wholesalers, resort islands, and with many colleagues of all levels.

Beginning my training in Port Douglas, Queensland on the Great Barrier Reef, I was very fortunate to have been trained by instructors who were themselves trained by one who was to become my own Course Director and mentor and friend.  During my Instructor Development Course,  John instilled not only a passion for teaching, but to teach people to be competent and considerate of their own diving skills and their buddies, along with a healthy respect of the training standards created by PADI and good reason to follow this.

His lessons have echoed throughout my career, and he himself is still teaching instructors through PADI – which is a massive nod to a strong and complete system of training and education.

Thank you John; you started this boulder rolling with a Rescue course that showed me how much more there is to learn and to teach, and I’ve been enjoying the journey ever since. Along the way I have met many dive colleagues, and some wonderful mentors along the way, and some amazing divers I’ve shared time and training with. Truly a life with the ocean, so far very well spent.

For an interesting view into PADI, 53 years young in 2019, head here for an interesting history beginning with two friends and a bottle of Scotch.