Mooloolabah River (Shore dive)

This is a great little ‘muck dive’ on the shore of the Mooloolaba river. A site that needs some respect to dive, due to being very tidal, popular with swimmers and also vessels travelling out to sea close by.

My awesome ‘already ready’ buddy Bill and I enjoyed crawling along very slowly (even losing our dive flag at one stage!) discovering as many tiny little creatures we could on a nearly 90minute dive in shallow water.


Easy Entry

Red Lined Flabellina








Tube Worms!

Checking out the Gorgonian Fans










Bill checking out an oyster shell!


Bill getting friendly with curious Leatherjacket!








Very Friendly Leatherjackets!

Healthy Gorgonian Fans!








Blotched Moray Eels!

Bill & Gorgonia Fan











More Nudibranchs!