Local Dive Sites – South East Queensland

The local area of South East Queensland has some of the most diverse and astounding marine ecosystems, and the opportunity to dive them easily.

More details will be added as time goes on, (and a map!), but for now, please enjoy some short videos/photo’s on some recent experiences! This page will take a while to build – please check back for more details.


North of Brisbane

Wolf Rock (boat dive)

exHMAS Brisbane (boat dive)

Mooloolabah River (Shore dive)

Flinders Reef (boat dive)

Shipwreck – Cementco (boat dive)

Cherubs Cave/ Hendersons Reef/ Roberts Shoal/China Wall (boat dive)

Shipwreck – Marietta Dal (boat dive)

Shipwreck – Aarhus (boat dive)

Shipwreck – St Paul (boat dive)


Moreton Bay

Shipwrecks – Curtin Artificial Reef & The Pines (boat dive)

Flat Rock (boat dive)

Boat Rock (boat dive)

Manta Bommie (boat dive)

Shag Rock (boat dive)



South of Brisbane

Southport Seaway (shore dive)

Shipwreck – Scottish Prince (boat dive)

Kirra Reef (shore dive)


Northern New South Wales

Tweed River (shore dive)

Fish Rocks Cave (boat dive)