Refresh Your Rescue Skills

Your buddy isn’t a Rescue Diver yet, but you are?

Already a Rescue Diver, but would like to brush up on your skills?

Join the Theory, Pool or Ocean session of an upcoming Rescue Diver Course!

Pool Training Session

If you don’t exercise a muscle, it loses condition. If you don’t revisit training, it will get rusty over time!

If we have 3 students on a course, we invite PADI Rescue Divers to join in and Refresh their skills!

This is not a recertification or retraining, and the main focus will be on the new divers learning, but we are very happy for more divers to be present, to assist by acting as diver ‘victims’, ‘bystanders’, ‘buddies’ and ‘rescuers’ during the training. This is a fantastic way of increasing your buddy’s confidence in you, and vice versa!

Ocean Training Session

We will ask you to complete some paperwork to join in the activities, ask questions, practice your skills and enjoy the fun!

Click HERE to find out more on the Rescue Program SubmersibleHuman runs.


  • 4005.1 Dive Medical (if required)
  • Qualification as a PADI Rescue Diver
  • Qualification as Senior First Aid Provider (must be current)
  • Full Scuba Equipment including tank & weights
    • Tanks must have tank boots for pool training
    • Weights must be padded for pool training
  • QLD Safety Items must be carried by ALL divers
    • Visual Alert (eg. SMB)

      Open Water Training

    • Audible Alert (eg. Whistle)
    • Cutting Tool (eg. Knife)
  • Note: If you do have equipment hire needs – Go Dive Servicing & Boat Charters can provide this – you will need to organize this separately.

Tides will affect the shore diving day location & timing.

Does this sound like the kind of training you are interested in?

Please contact Di at to find out more on our upcoming  Rescue Diver Course Schedule.