`Improve Your Scuba

Although many divers do complete the Open Water Diver level and no higher, enjoying diving around the world, a range of training is available to further their experience, skill and ultimately their enjoyment.

As an Open Water Diver – you have a range of options to improve your skills. If you would like a enrol in a program that allows you to ‘taste test’ some of the more popular areas of diving – the next logical step is the  PADI Advanced Open Water Diver – which over five Open Water Training Dives, completes an orientation to Deeper diving to 30m along with an introduction to Underwater Navigation, plus another three aspects of diving most relevant to the local area and your own preferences.

Or you may choose to take a program specifically on a subject or skill you specifically want or need:

PADI Open Water Divers can enrol directly in these specialised programs

There are other specialty areas as well, however divers need to qualify as an Advanced Open Water Diver or Adventure Diver before enrolling in these: