`Who is SubmersibleHuman?




Known locally as ‘Diver Di’, Diana Doreian certified as a diver in 1993, and then qualified as PADI Divemaster & Instructor in 1997 soon after returning from Japan for her 1996 ‘gap year’ learning the culture & language.

For the following years she spent many years working with introductory diving on the Great Barrier Reef, along with Learn to Dive courses. After stints working on resort islands and some time as a Japanese speaking rainforest guide, plus some underwater videography, she returned to teaching scuba courses and running dive centres, continuing her personal diver education to IDC Staff Instructor, then assisting Instructor Training programs with separate training centres.

Later moving to Brisbane, after working for outdoor adventure stores & scuba equipment wholesalers, finding much satisfaction in finding new outdoor hobbies, mountain biking, rock climbing, camping & hiking.

Di is now happily working as an independent PADI Instructor assisting Go Dive Service Centres with their logistics, running personalised training courses, international & local dive travel and Workplace Recognised First Aid Training.  A fulfilling but very busy schedule, with the wide range of ‘day jobs’ keeping her on her toes and fast-paced at times.


Schedules can be tricky sometimes. often juggling between the bespoke programs requested by both scuba and first aid students, along with four overseas trips a year and local diving & some charity events, she tries to navigate everyone’s times to the best and most productive results!

Diver training

Working together with up to five dive companies, SubmersibleHuman’s training programs aims to give students the best of all flavours possible, when it comes to skills, experience & training.

For example:

  • The Open Water Diver Course offered includes 6 instead of the required 4 dives, with 2 different styles of dive vessels and a day of shore diving to give students a wide range of experience instead of just the one style of diving.
  • The Advanced Open Water Diver Course offers includes 6 instead of the minimum 5 dives, with 2 different styles of dive vessels and a day of shore diving to give students a wide range of experience in the most often encountered styles of diving locally, and abroad on dive trips/travels.
    • Buoyancy workshop – on our first evaluation dive, we not only look at buoyancy, but all ‘Thinking Like a Diver’ safety procedures before, during and after a dive.
    • Underwater Navigation for more skills & experience with returning to starting points/intended destinations
    • Drift Diving for experience with our local currents & tides, which can be quite strong and confusing for the uninitiated
    • Night Diving – this speaks for itself – not something someone should ‘just try’ without some training.
    • Deep Diving up to 30m – a guided first deep dive to experience changes bough about by depths beyond initial training
    • Wreck Diving – wrecks are a magnet for diving, but understanding them with the best methods to approach & plan a wreck dive is vital to safe diving.

From this type of training she is developing very well rounded, confident students, who benefit from courses planned to their schedule, as well as an instructor who is focussed on thier personal development of a diver as an individual, not as a group of 8 or sometimes more.

First Aid Training

To keep it clear for scheduling, SubmersibleHuman conducts CPR & First Aid training at the Go Dive Service Centre, with courses scheduled to run each Monday when minimum numbers are met. If a company/group has a large group of students, weekends can be optioned (subject to availability), and can also be conducted at a different location, subject to safety requirements.

Local Diving

SubmersibleHuman is regularly scheduled to crew aboard DiveQuest, giving previous students a chance to dive with their previous instructor, and divers to hang out with their buddy. This also occurs with local shore dives and other local dive companies.

International Dive & Snorkel Travel 

On average, 4three to four overseas trips, and two national trips are planned each year, with a range of trips for snorkellers, novice divers and more experienced divers to enjoy a holiday joining a group of like minded travellers, without needing to ‘mind the details’ too much, with SubmersibleHuman tidying up the details & schedules.

In 2018, Di celebrated 22 years as a PADI Professional – Divemaster & Instructor. As a tribute to her original Course Director, a ‘Thank-you’ video was created: