Becoming a Diver – What is the process?

The PADI Open Water Diver Course is an excellent program to take you from ultimate beginner to a confident diver who can understand and perform procedures to dive safely.

The program has a few prerequisites:

  • Age Requirements
    • Around the world, divers can learn as young as 10, but here at SubmersibleHuman, we plan and train our divers to be self sufficient and a buddy that can be relied upon rather than only depending on another, so our age limit to start training is 14. 14 year olds will still receive a PADI Junior Open Water Diver certification.  Don’t be deceived, ALL the standards and training requirements are the same,  as for an adult – including assisting other divers in difficulty, so a certain amount of fitness and strength is required as well.
  • Waterskills ability
    • You need a certain amount of proficiency in the water to then be able to handle scuba equipment underwater. At SubmersibleHuman we require the following:
      • Ability to swim 200metres continuously and unaided (no floats or poolsides)
      • Ability to float 10minutes unaided (no floats or poolsides.
  • Health for diving
    • Scubadiving, while it can certainly be very relaxing and without strain, also requires a certain amount of physical fitness and health level. A simple health questionnaire, completed honestly, will check if any medications or conditions will require further checks with a qualified professional prior to starting training. This is not an optional process – it is for your own safety, so please, answer the questionnaire as accurately as possible. If there is a certain medication or health condition that needs to be investigated, your instructor will advise the next step, including a list of doctors qualified in Scuba Medicine who can complete this medical check. Your regular GP may not be qualified to conduct Dive Medicals, so it is important to check.



With these prerequisites completed, the theory component is the first step. These days, people have little extra time to spend in a classroom, therefore digital learning programs are available so you can study at your own pace. The PADI Open Water Diver ‘Touch’ program, can be downloaded to your phone, tablet or computer and completed without continuous connection to the internet. Once completed successfully, your instructor will be contacted by PADI to advise successful completion, and you are ready for the next step.


Confined Water Training Session

  • How does the equipment work?
  • How is it assembled?
  • Is it functioning properly?
  • Does it fit me properly?
  • How does it assist me underwater?
  • How do I control my position in the water?
  • What about my ears?
  • What if my mask leaks?

Obviously very important questions which will be answered practically during this session/s.  On average you will spend at least 6 hours learning how the equipment is meant to work for you in a pool-like location, with no waves, current or fish to distract you!


Octopus Outside its Lair

Cleaner Shrimp Awaiting Customers

Now the fun begins. Your instructor will now ask you to show the skills you have learned in the theory and pool sessions together, and demonstrate these abilities in Open Water locations – real dive sites –  over 4 separate dives. Don’t be nervous, your instructor will make sure you are fully prepared before asking you to join this next step.  During these dives and preparation, you will be using all the skills learn to become a diver who is confident, competent and safe, because after this course is completed successfully, you will then be able to:

  • Dive with a buddy qualified to the same level or higher
  • Dive to 18metres
  • Rent/hire scuba equipment from a dive centre for personal use
  • Have their own scuba tanks filled at a qualified air fill station
  • Enrol on dive trips with groups of qualified divers,
    • Shore dives close to your home base
    • On charter boat operations to dive sites further offshore
    • Explore your own countries diving locations
    • Holiday on an island or foreign country with diving options
    • Book a Liveaboard dive adventure at an exotic location!’

The options for you to enjoy your PADI Open Water Diver licence are many and varied! With this certification we can invite you to join our dive travel excursions within Australia and overseas.

Click here for the PADI Open Water Diver program we offer.

For those who want to learn more…… the PADI Open Water Diver qualification allows you to Improve Your Scuba education in many other ways..