~Advance your Open Water

Like any skill, keeping your experience and education current is very important, not only for you competence, but for your confidence also. Good divers never stop learning from what they experience.

This one of the next steps after becoming an Open Water Diver to take, which explores 5-6 different aspects of scuba you will experience under supervision & guidance.

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course with SubmersibleHuman


SubmersibleHuman prefers to only teach personalized courses with 1 or maximum 2 students this ensures greater access to information, questions, and skill improvement, rather than being one of many. This course is best completed with a buddy pair – to reinforce buddy communication and working together, thinking like divers – but can also run with just the 1 diver of course, for more personalized supervision. If your aim is to increase your skills, experience and competence, exploring other scuba avenues and environments – not just receiving another certification card – then this is the course for you.

The PADI Advanced Open Water course is an internationally recognised certification program allowing you to scuba dive independently of an instructor or divemaster to a maximum recommended depth of 30m. As an Advanced Open Water diver you will experience amazing dive destinations and marine life, and practice new skills in a controlled, supervised environment. As you continue your training and gain experience, your opportunities will expand.

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is a performance-based course and can be broken down to 2 components:


PADI Advanced open Water Manual & Workslate

Knowledge Development

The course begins when you receive your course study manual, and you can begin reading. The manual actually segments more Elective Dives than you will be performing, which you are welcome to peruse, however it is important that you complete the reading of ‘Thinking like a Diver’ and the 5-6 Dive sections assigned by your instructor. An evening prior to our first double dives we will meet for a theory session to review the information you have completed at the training room at GoDive Brisbane.


Open Water Training  –  3 Days

Ocean Day 1

We head out to Moreton Bay Marine Park aboard DiveQuest to enjoy your first two training dives:

  • Evaluation Dive & Buoyancy Workshop
  • Underwater Navigation


Ocean Day 2

We head to a shore diving site – either the Tweed River or Southport Seaway

  • Night Dive
  • Drift Dive
Ocean Day 3

Will take us to Mooloolabah to complete the last two dives of the course requirements.

  • Deep Dive
  • Wreck Dive
The Scuba Gear You Will Need 

In the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course, you are required to use all standard equipment including a dive computer. As a potential Advanced Open Water Diver, you are asked to also carry a few additional diver tools.

Equipment Requirements
  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Fins & Boots (Boots & Open Heel fins are preferred to protect you feet on shore dives)
  • Wetsuit – 3mm recommended for Summer, 5mm for Winter – full length steamer required for exHMAS Brisbane wreck dives
  • BCD
  • Regulator with Alternate Airsource/Octopus
  • Dive Computer
  • Tanks & Weights (provided as part of the course)

All the above can be hired if required.

QLD Legislation required items – must be carried by all certified divers in QLD (Not available for hire)
  • Audible Signalling Device (Whistle/Air Horn etc)
  • Visual Signalling Device (Safety Sausage/SMB etc)
  • Cutting Tool (Knife/Shears/Line Cutter etc)
Advanced Open Water Diver Tools – (Not available for hire)
  • Primary Dive Torch – minimum 400 lumens
  • Writing Slate
  • Communications device – Noisemaker/Rattle

As you are an only student or buddy pair, there is plenty of time underwater in the marine environment to perform the skills as you learn their uses and applications in both roles of the buddy pair. There is ample time for questions, and repeat attempts to really get the feel of learning the practical skills involved.


Course Investment Includes:
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Course Manual (RRP $161.73)
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Workslate (RRP $38.03)
  • 3 Days Personalised Instruction (RRP $900)
  • 3 days Ocean Diving:
    • 1 Day Boat-Based Diving – Moreton Bay with DiveQuest (2 dives) (RRP $185)
    • 1 Day Shore-Based Diving – Southport Seaway (2 dives)
    • 1 Day Boat-Based Diving – Mooloolabah with Scubaworld (2 dives) (RRP $199)
  • Use of Tanks & Weights on all dives (RRP $100)
  • Use of Marker Beacon for Night Dive
  • Use of Backup Torch for Night dive
  • Use of detailed Wreck Slate for Wreck dive
  • Longer Dive Times in the Local Environments
  • Discounts on Dive Equipment purchases from Go Dive Brisbane
  • Project Aware Certification Card upon successful completion of all requirements (RRP $74) 
Not Included:
  • Australian Dive Medical 4005.1   (not all students require a Dive Medical – please complete this questionnaire – we will advise if you need a dive medical from the information you provide about your health)
  • Transport to & from dive site departure points
  • Scuba Equipment Hire if required (as above)
  • QLD Legislation Safety Items (as above)
  • Advanced Diver Tools (as above)

Investment in your buddy bespoke buddy training program – Two divers – $1999.00

Investment in your own bespoke training program – One-on-One – $1399.00

As this is a personalised program, we will build a schedule around your timeframe and availability as a buddy pair.  Tides will affect the shore diving day, and Vessel availability will affect the boat days – however we will work together to create a bespoke program especially for you both.

Does this sound like the kind of training you are interested in?

Please contact Di at training@submersiblehuman.com to receive a suggested itinerary which can be designed around your availability for your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certification. We can then work with you to design a bespoke Advanced Open Water Diver Course to your timeframe & schedule.